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Questions About Applying from India

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We receive hundreds of applications from very strong academic students all over India every year!

We understand that it's difficult for international students to apply to schools in the US, but please know that almost one-quarter of MIT's applications are from international students all over the globe and we are very comfortable evaluating your application in context! We are very familiar with O Levels, A Levels, IB, CBSE, and ICSE. We are also familiar with the course offerings, grading systems, testing and, often, lack of available extracurricular opportunities for students studying in India.

A committee of experienced MIT admissions officers will review your application in detail. Your application will be reviewed within the context of the resources available to you, including your situation as affected by family, school, culture, region, and country.

We receive hundreds of requests from students asking us to evaluate their "chances" of admission. We can’t give you an opinion of what your chances are, but we can give you a sense of what we look for when selecting students for admission in our Selection Process site.

All students apply to MIT for general admission and select a major at the end of the first year with help from their Freshman Advisor; therefore all applicants must meet the same test requirements.

MIT offers need-blind admissions which means we do not know what your finances are when we read your application. At no point during the process does the question of how much money your family does, or doesn't, have enter the process. We won't admit you because you can pay full-freight, and we won't deny you because you can't pay a nickel. It's your mettle, not your money, that gets you into MIT. 

If you are admitted to MIT, we will make sure that you can afford to come to MIT.

Please visit our page for International Applicants to learn more about our application process.
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