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February Update & Notes Form / FUN

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The February Updates & Notes Form is required for all applicants, including Early Action deferred applicants, Regular Action applicants, students who have graduated, and international applicants. The form will be available on your MyMIT account in late January and should be completed as soon as possible after completion of the fall semester or after completion of the second quarter. If your school uses a trimester schedule, please use your first-trimester grades.

Your school does not need to mail your midyear grades to us. Students list their grades on the Form.

Students who have already graduated select the "I'm not currently attending school; MIT has all of my grades" option on the form and submit.

The FUN Form includes an opportunity for you to update us on anything important that has occurred since you submitted your application. Using the February Updates & Notes Form for such updates is preferred over mailed or faxed updates.

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